Frequently Asked Questions

If you are having issues, refer to this list for instant answers to commonly asked questions.

New Notary / Subscription Questions

Is a subscription required to perform notarizations on the platform?

Yes, to have access to our platform you must have a subscription. 

Do all subscriptions include the same access/features?

Yes, no matter which one you pick – you obtain the same access. You just save money if you commit to a longer timeframe with our platform. 

Do you supply an Independently Validated Digital Certificate with the Subscription?

No, if you are required to have this (and not all states are) then you will need to purchase this. The vendors links are on 

My State Law does not allow me to charge $25, how can this platform work for me?

If your state does not meet the standard fees which our platform charges, that is OK! If you want to bill the client directly you can pay the per transaction fee and collect your money directly from the client.
OR you can bill through our platform. If you do this option the client is entering into an agreement with Cyberize It, LLC and we will charge the client the fees which they have agreed to.

In this situation (for a one stamp document) The client will pay $36.99 and the Notary will receive $25.00.

Any suggestions on how to promote and advertise a RON business?

Yes, look at it like you are selling general (or specialty) notary work. Tell everyone that you can provide this service no matter their physical location. Also stop thinking about zip codes, as with this you can expand your boarders!

Does Cyberize It Provide Clients?

Cyberize It is a hybrid platform which means it is possible for you to obtain work from us; however, we do not promise or guarantee that you will. You should have your own client base to ensure a good return on your investment.

Can I onboard as an Independent Notary to this platform?

Yes, as long as you are commissioned in a state which we are currently onboarding in. 

Do you have any tutorial videos demonstrating the process?

Yes, the full onboarding training has videos and handbooks which you can download. You can see a demo at

Is your software compliant with <name of state> State Notary Law?

Our software meets the legal requirements for all states in which we are onboarding for. You can see this list at

Which States can perform Biometrics instead of KBA Questions?

LA, FL, MT, VA, and WY are the only states which permit this at this time. 

What happens if I want to cancel or put my account on hold?

Simply go to your subscription management area and cancel your account. We will remove your access at the end of your paid subscription. When you are ready to return, simply re-subscribe and send us an email to turn your account back on.

Do I (or my client) need to download Zoom?

It is best if you have the app installed; however, it can be opened into the internet browswer.

Do I need to pay for software outside of the platform?

No, you are not required to purchase subscriptions to any other software to facilitate a notarization with us.

What are the costs and payouts for the RON platform?

You will need to purchase a subscription. The per transaction costs vary based upon many factors. Obtain a quote for your transaction at

Am I required to have my RON commission prior to purchasing the product?

No, you can purchase and train while you wait for this. You just will not have access to Notarize documents until you are validated.

How long will it take to get up and running?

Once you have purchased your subscription you have instant access to the training. The training is self-paced and not required (however highly recommended for best results). So, you could be completed with it in a day, two at most.
Once you have created your official notary profile (done during the training process) then it will take our staff about 3 to 5 days to validate you. There are a few states which we must wait for them before we can activate your profile, so in those it may take longer.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes we do, you can access this at

Can international clients notarize on this platform?

Yes – BUT – there are limits if you need to validate through KBA questions.  However, if you are a biometric enabled notary you will have no issues with this. 

Does the client need to have a Social Security Number?

No, we do not require the client to have a SSN. 

Does the client need to have a laptop/desktop to do this?

No, the client can do it all from a smartphone. No other equipment is required for them to process their notarization. 

Can I notarize from an iPad or Streaming Laptop?

No, you need a full laptop/computer to perform the notarization as a Notary on our platform. 

State Specific Questions

Do I need a digital certificate?

Due to each state having different obligations, Please click here to refer to our state specific onboarding training module.

Can I notarize a specific type of document online?

You can access the state specific document restrictions by clicking here.

How do I request an E-Stamp?

You can reqeust your E-Stamp by clicking here. 

Authentication Certificate - proof it was notarized online

Within your state laws you should have a special notary certificate which validates that a printed copy of the document which was notarized online was done by you. Consult your state laws for this information.

Platform Specific Questions

How can I access my training and onboarding account?

Please click the link to access your training/onboarding login page.

Error User Not Found when Logging into the Notary Profile Area

During onboarding you are requried to setup a Notary Profile.

If you have not done so; then you need to click here to create this.

Until you create it; you will not be able to login and perform notarizations on our platform. 


Password Error when Creating a Profile

We are aware of a bug within our system and are working to fix it. Until we do use Test123! as the password. Once created, request a forgotten password reset link. Then you can make it whatever you want it to be. 

Client OR Notary Forgot to Add Witnesses to the transaction

There is no way to add someone in after the process has started. Cancel the notarization and restart it; ensuring that the witness aspect is correctly entered the 2nd time. 

How do I send KBA/ID Upload links to my client if they never recieved the automatic email?


  • Refresh your screen so that you can see the notarization is now “in-progress”
  • Click Open
  • You will see “Copy KBA Link” OR “Copy Upload ID Link” buttons on the line next to each signer.
  • Click the button – this automatically copies the link and will NOT open the link!
  • Immediately open an email (or text) and click “Control & V”, “Command & V”, or Right click and select Paste.
  • Send the link to the client directly.

Notary Accepted the Notarization, opens multiple Zooms, can’t move forward!

The file is damaged

Cancel this notarization

Open the file in Adobe Acrobat

Click Print and Print the file to PDF

Save this new file

Start a New notarization with the Newly Saved File.

**If this does not work, contact Cyberize It Support ASAP 614-741-5515

Can I change my notary email address?

No, once your Official Notary Profile is created; the email address cannot be changed. Use an email which you will be able to access forever. We do not recommend using employer based emails for this profile. 

Where do I upload my Digital Certificate and/or Electronic Stamp?

At Cyberize It, we are unique! We never ask you to upload these into our platform. They remain in your sole control. 

Save the stamp to a location that is easily accessed during the signing. 

Confirm you have setup your digital certificate “wet” signature correctly.

Always use a computer/laptop that you have these items installed on for the sessions. 

I'm approved - Can I start taking jobs from the job board now?

Yes, once approved you have full access to the platform and all of the features. If you see a job on the board; you are welcome to claim it.

I'm sharing my screen by the client can't sign it.

Once you are ready for the client to sign; hit send in the bottom right corner of the screen on the platform.

The client will recieve an email with a link to Review and Sign the document. Once completed; an email will go to the 2nd signer in the session and continue until you recieve an email to finish signing. 

How do I show the document to the client in the zoom session?

While in the Zoom Session; click on the green “Share Screen” button.

Select the segment you want to share; and click share.

Don’t worry – this document sharing is not recorded in the session video. 

How do I know the client has signed the document?

Option 1

The client can share their screen and you can see them affix their signature.

Option 2

You can hit “view agreement” and keep refreshing  the screen (go back/view agreement) until they have affixed their signature. You will be able to see their signature on the page once they have done so. 

How do I see the ID Image that the client used in ID Proofing?

On the platform; in the top menu bar; you will see “Check Client ID” with a View More link. Click the View More and selections will appear for you to see the front & back of each signers ID. 

Once you complete the notarization these images are no longer available to you. 

Where is my Affiliate Link (to share to other notaries)

Click here to access your link.

Where do I find the link to send to clients to create their own profile?

Login to your Notary profile at

Click on your name

Click on My Profile

You will see the link at line within your profile.

Tagging Issues - Adobe Back Office Support

How do I find my Cyberize It Login to Adobe?

Login to your Notary profile at

Click on your name

Click on My Profile

You will see the login information within the first two lines of your profile.

Please note the “” should never be used as an email address ONLY as the login to connect to your notary profile. 

Tagged Incorrectly - Unable to Sign or Tag Assigned to the Wrong Signer - Not Signed Yet

This ONLY works if: Signer 1 has not signed the document.

The Notary should click View Agreement

(if this fails to log go to the Adobe Backoffice/manage and open the agreement in progress)

On the right-side menu bar, select “Modify”

Add/Replace files if needed

Click Next

Now you can re-tag the document

Click Update

Signer 1 will just use the same link from the previous email to sign, no new email will be sent.

Tagged Incorrectly - Someone has Already Signed the Document

The notary can do one of two things:

  1. Start the signatures over in the back office
    1. This creates a brand new audit trail
    2. The Notary will need to email the document(s) to the client at the end as it will NOT upload into the platform.
  2. Just sign as the Notary and replace the file on the platform
    1. This is a bit harder to do (more steps)
    2. This will keep the same audit trail
    3. This will upload the file to the platform so the client can download the correct document.

Option 2 –

The email for the Notary Signature on the WRONG document should be saved for the end.

The notary will download the uncompleted document

The notary will upload into the Adobe Back office

Send for Signatures, to only the notary

Tag correctly

Send and complete this file.

Once completed, the Notary, will download this correctly signed document.

Return to the Email requesting the Notary to review and sign the INCORRECT document.

The notary should open this link (in private window)

The Notary should see a drop down on the top left corner of the screen which says “options”

Select “Print, Sign and Upload”

Move through the prompts until the incorrect file is downloaded.

The Notary will see “Upload File”

The Notary should click the Upload File Button and select the CORRECTLY SIGNED document

This will complete the signing and the correctly signed document will be on the Client’s dashboard.

Signatures are vertical and not horizontal!

The Why: The file is formatted as landscape.

Open the file in Adobe Acrobat

Make sure the pages are all showing as Portrait, if not correct this in organize pages.

Click Print and Print the file to PDF

Within these settings Select:


<PDF by Page Size>


Save this new file

Re-send this file through the Backoffice area.

Error when attempting to download the file to affix my digital certificate signature

Make sure you have created a FREE personal adobe cloud account using the email address which the link was sent to. 

Once created; click on the link again and you should now be able to download the file and continue. 

How do I setup my Digital Certificate Signature?

Click here to see the lessons on creating your “Wet Signature” for your certficate. 

Practice Transaction Questions

Error email/user not found when logging in.

The practice area only has 3 logins. These logins are display on the instuction page of the lesson. Click here to see them. 

ID validation - KBA link says "demo use expired"

Witin the Practice area we do not offer live access to ID Proofing. Simply open the session as the Notary and bypass the KBA for each signer to continue. 

Using the fake client's email - how do I get it fixed?

Select Test_user03 from the drop down for clients.

Enter fake details for the client as signer one.

Enter your own contact inforamtion for signer 2 and up. 

When you get the point of seeing the emails listed (after accepting the notarization) just delete the Test_user03 email from the routing. 

Zoom didn't open - just a white screen appears!

Zoom is not connected to the practice area. This “white screen” mimics the idea that zoom will open at this point in the transaction. 

Demo Documents to use for this?

You can download and use any of these forms for this practice area; but you should NEVER use real client data as others will be able to see these in the sessions.  Click here to access blank forms.