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We Create a Secure Connection between the Notary and the Signers.

ID Proofing, Knowledge Based Authentication, ID Credential Analysis, Biometric Verification (where available), Live Audio-Video Session, Compliant Electronic Signatures and Document Encryption.

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Notary Requirements:

Legally Commissioned

You must hold the legal ability to perform a Remote Online, Remote Ink or In Person Electronic Notarization. 

E&O Insurance

Every Notary on our platform is required to obtain, at least, $10,000 in Errors and Omissions Insurance. 

Independently Validated Digital Certificate

If you are required to use an Independently Validated Digital Certificate, you must purchase this seperately. It is not included in the subscription.

If you do not know if you are required to purchase this, we do provide this information during your onboarding process. Do not purchase one unless you are required to. 

Electronic Notary Stamp

Do you already have an electronic stamp which you purchased? You can use any image file of your stamp on our platform. 

Do you need one? No need to purchase one, we supply this as part of the Notary Subscription Package. 

Software Technology Analysis for your RON Application

Many states require an overview of the technology used on a platform. Enter your email on the right (don’t worry it isn’t going to open the SPAM doors)! 

Once you hit submit you will recieve an email with all of the details you need to complete your RON application using

    Bring your own clients

    Since we are a hybrid platform, you can bring your own clients! You also have the option to bill through our platform, or invoice your client yourself. 

    Invoice The Client Yourself

    When you invoice the client yourself, the Notary only pays the transaction fees.

    • $11.99
      • Up to 4 Signers
      • 1 Notary Seal
      • Up to 5 Documents
    • $1.00
      • For each additional Notary Stamp

    Optional Fees:

    • $5.00
      • If you need extra witnesses, then you will be required to pay for this service.
    • $3.00
      • If you have 5 or more signers performing ID proofing, there is a fee for additional signers (first 4 are included in the $11.99)
    Charge the Client through the Platform

    The client will be billed per the amount of notary stamps applied and any additional service fees. You can get a quote on the main page of this website at

    You will be paid:

    • $25.00 for the first stamp
    • $9.00 for each additional stamp
    Obtain Work from the Platform

    If you accept a Notarization from the Job Board:

    You will be paid:

    • $25.00 for the first stamp
    • $9.00 for each additional stamp

    If you accept a Witness Request:

    You will be paid:

    • $5.00 per session

    Estimate Your Gross Revenue

    Our Onboarding/Training Includes:

    We explain what you need when performing RON or RIN, based on your own State Laws.

    *Digital Certificate
    *ID Proofing Requirements
    *Ability to use a Credible Witness
    *RON or RIN, or both?
    *Ability to perform Apostilles via RON in your State

    What exactly is KBA and how does it work? Why aren’t all clients able to validate this way? How can we pivot? What are biometrics? Who can use them? 

    Answers to these questions — and more are provided in our training!

    Do you know what tagging is? Don’t worry it is the legal kind with no spray paint involved!

    This is an imporant step with RON, if it is not tagged correctly the document will not be valid. 

    We partnered with Zoom Communications and you have access to a full one hour video on how to “manage” and control your virtual session!

    From features and tools to keep your room flowing; you will appear confident and cool throughout the entire process. 

    Learning how to perform an online notarization is one thing; marketing it is a completely new aspect.

    We have THOUSANDS of image and video templates you can customize for your own ads! — Free with your Subscription!

    We offer the ability to perform as many practice notarizations as you want, for Free!

    Now Onboarding In:

    Cyberize it is the Largest Hybrid Platfrom in the USA! We are currently onboarding in the states listed here.

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    What Notaries Want To Know

    Yes, you have the option to live tag or tag it before the session and affix the template when you are live with the client.

    Can I Tag the Document Live?

    No, The Client (Signer) only needs to have access to an email, and they should use a phone to upload their ID. 

    No, The Client (Signer) does not need a SSN, however, they will need to have lived within the USA to obtain KBA questions.

    Does the Signer need a SSN or USA Cellphone?

    Yes, we offer 24/7 phone/text support for any in-session notarization.

    Normal business hours are 8 am – 8 pm Eastern for non urgent, or non-session related issues.

    Is there Technical Support?

    While it is possible to obtain work from Cyberize It, we do not promise or guarantee that you will obtain Clients or Notarizations. It is highly encouraged that you have your own Client base and Marketing to ensure you have a successful RON income stream.

    Does Cyberize It Provide Clients?

    Yes, Signers (Clients) can complete the entire process from a smart phone or iPad.

    Can a Client Just use a Cellphone?

    Yes, there is manditory onboarding training to learn the software. We also offer two live zooms per month for questions and answers, as well as other training which you have the option to take to enhance your Notary Business Foundation.

    Do you offer training?

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