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Requirements & Information

WELCOME! Cyberize It, LLC is always looking to add to our Notarial Family.

Check out what we offer, and the requirements to join. We hope to hear from you soon!

How do I get Clients?

Cyberize It, LLC is a “hybrid” platform. This means that we will allow clients to upload and connect to you via the platform, but you can (and are expected) to also search out your own clients through your own marketing. At this time Cyberize It does NOT provide a client base.

  • Unique Website Link!
  • Your Client(s) sign up via your link
  • Email this link
  • Post the link
  • Forward your own custom URL to it
  • Post on your own website

No matter how you get a client, the pay rates (mentioned later this page) are the same. You are doing the same amount of work, and should not have to take less money for your services!

Clients will be able to filter and find a notary to assist them. This means you should “put your best foot forward”. There is no algorithm to assign these requests so Cyberize It, LLC cannot say how often you will be selected. We highly encourage you to get your name out there, as clients can also search for you by name!

Can I tag the document live?


Once your client passes KBA & ID Validation, you all will be sent the link to the audio-visual part of this notarization. You (The Notary) will be able to access this session and can tag the document while the signers are in the “waiting room” or bring them in to engage in conversation while you tag the document. There is no requirement from Cyberize It, LLC on this, we want you to do your best to ensure the document is done correctly – the first time. So that may mean you need to focus on the document without the casual conversation. Others may be able to multitask in this area. We encourage you to do what you are most comfortable with!

How many people can Sign the Document?

The platform fee of $11.99 includes ID Proofing for up to four (4) Signers of the document(s).

Additionial Signers (up to ten) can be added for a cost of $3.00 per Signer who is requried to perform ID Proofing. 

How many pages can I upload?

Each transaction can have a total of 500 pages or be a maximum size of 10mb. This is the sum of all the pages within all of the documents uploaded.

Who uploads the documents?

Transactions can be started by the Client OR by the Notary. Both can upload the documents to start a transaction.

Do you have the abiliy to Bypass the need for ID Proofing for this Signer? Then you have three options:

1. The Notary can bypass the ID Proofing requirement when they start the Notarization.

2. The Notary can do a Mid-Session Bypass ID Proofing if engaged by the client.

3. The Notary can mark the Signer as “Always” bypass and the Client will never get triggered to do ID Proofing when conducting a notarization with you.

How much will I get paid?

Payment is based on the number of stamps applied during a single transaction.

You will be paid:

  • First Stamp – $25
  • Additional Stamps – $9 each
  • Witness Fee – $5 per session

Every Notary on our Platform is a 1099 Contractor. You will get a 1099-Misc from Cyberize It, LLC for your taxes each year. You set your own hours, and work when you want to.


What are the Monthly Fees?

Every notary will have to pay $29.99 per month. This fee includes:

  • All Transactions
  • All KBA’s
  • 10 Years of Storage
  • Support and Training
  • Credit Card Processing Fees
  • Access to your funds when you want it!
  • No Long-Term Contract, Cancel at Anytime

 100 Transaction Bonus

Cyberize It, LLC will award a $29.99 bonus to all notaries that complete 100 notarization transactions within a calendar month. Payment will be transmitted by the 15th day of the following month in which 100 transactions were completed.

This averages out to only 3.5 notarization transactions per day in a 30 calendar day month!

The 100 notarization transactions will include transactions that come to you from the platform, AND the transactions you generate with your own clients.

Our view is that if you are working the platform hard, you should not have to pay for it! We hope that every notary on this platform gets to this level!

Please note, the times which you are just witnessing a document do not count in the total monthly transactions. 

Technical Support

Cyberize It, LLC will have support staff available to assist you with technical problems. Our support team will be available by phone, text, email, or live-in session services. Please note there are NO extra fees for support services. Service calls will be taken on a first come, first served basis, and wait times may vary. 

Further, this means if you have a technical issue we can assist. We are not attorneys and cannot advise you on legal questions to your authorization or process of the notarization. Please refer to your state handbook for questions concerning those aspects.

Our platform is unique as our Cyberize It, LLC support team can “hop into” a live session and see what is going on. However, the Notary must give the link and passcode to the meeting to our staff to join.  This will only be a solution if you are in the audio-visual portion of the notarization. If your client is having issues during KBA or ID Validation, have them use the help buttons available to them on their screen.

Be a Commissioned RON Notary

Based upon where you live, it determinses if you can be a RON Notary. Click here to learn how to become a notary in your state. 

$10,000 E&O Insurance

Let’s face it we are not perfect, even though we all try to do our best. This insurance policy offers you protection for the moments that something does go wrong.

Digital Certificate (if needed)

Digital Certificate is an electronic “password” that allows a person, organization to exchange data securely over the Internet using the public key infrastructure (PKI).

Digital Certificate is also known as a public key certificate or identity certificate.

There are three levels of a digital certificate:

  1. Independently validated – purchase through IdenTrust, Intesi Group, or another 3rd party vendor.
  2. Self-Signed – This is a FREE certificate that can be made in Adobe Acrobat
  3. Electronic Signature Certificate – This is provided for free from the platform.
Electronic Seal/Stamp

Don’t have one? No worries! Cyberize It, LLC has registered as a stamp manufacture and will provide this for FREE!

Already have it? Then just upload the image file of your stamp.

Get a Great Headshot!

Clients pick the notary on our platform, so how you look will make an impression. First Impressions MATTER! 

Get a great businesss headshot done for your Bio!

Not Required, but Encouraged!

Additional training and qualifications make you more desirable to the clients. Cyberize It, LLC encourages you to do all available training which you find interesting and appealing within your individual business plan.

Loan Signing Agent Certification

What is a LSA?

  • A loan signing agent witnesses signatures AND knows how to walk a borrower through the loan signing process. There are roughly 100 to 150 pages in a standard set of loan documents that need signatures, initials, and dates made in the appropriate locations.

On Cyberize It, LLC’s platform you will have the ability to showcase this certification, and clients will be able to filter for those that have it.

How does your KBA work?

KBA (Knowledge Based Authentication) is the process of identifying the Principal by way of reviewing their personal history and presenting them with a quiz of 5 questions of which 4 must be answered correctly to establish their identity.

Cyberize It, LLC has partnered with a company who uses location data to validate a person, and not their credit history. This means that we do not have to require the SSN, nor do they need to be a USA Citizen.

However, there are going to be times which there is not enough data for these questions to be generated. In these cases, a second level support can be contacted, and the client can be routed to a notary which has the legal ability to use an alternate means of identification.  This means that no customer is left behind in this process!

Can my Client just use their Cellphone?


Because our process flow allows the client to clear KBA and Id validation prior to joining the Audio-Visual Meeting. This allows the client to use their phone to upload the images of their ID’s prior to joining the meeting.

This empowers the person to facilitate the transaction from one unit, instead of being required to be on a laptop/desktop and use their phone separately. 

What if the payment from the client fails?

Cyberize It, LLC has worked out a process that should a client have a payment issue, they can simply update their payment information and have instant access to the file which was notarized.

This way no notarization is lost, and you (The Notary) do not have to worry about not being paid for your services.

It is important to note, that until payment is received from the client payment for this transaction will not be transmitted to the Notary or any applicable witnesses.

Questions on Downloading...

All Notaries and Clients will have access to their video immediately upon successful transaction. Each can download this .mp4 video session to their hard drive to retain or share with whom they need to (or legally are authorized to).

All Notaries and Clients will have access to the documents(s) which were notarized for 30 calendar days. After such time the documents are destroyed and cannot be pulled from any files. Please encourage your client to download and retain these files for their own safe keeping.  It is not recommended that the Notary download and keep these files, as in some states this does violate their laws.

All Notaries can download their electronic journal at their convenience which will detail all transactions ever done on the Cyberize It, LLC platform. Should you leave our platform this information will be retained for the full 10 years and available by request from the Notary or authorized legal representative.

24 x 7 Access to a Notary

Do you stress about taking “me” time? Fearful that your client will be left in a lurch, and you will not be able to fully assist them in their emergency?

Cyberize It, LLC’s platform allows for the client to get assistance from any available Notary should you have personal obligations which prevent you from being there during the one transaction. But do not worry they are still connected to you and will return to you the next time they have a notarization need.

This means you can now advertise 24×7 coverage, without having to give up important personal aspects of your life!

Frequently Asked Questions

We have assemembled the most asked questions, we hope this helps you pick the right platform for your business!

What Kind of Platform is Cyberize It?

We are a hybrid platform, which means you should have your own clients but it is possible that work could come from the website {however, is it is not promised}.

How Much Is It?

Subscription to the RON Platform:

  • $29.99 per month
    • $19.99 per month for 6 mo or 1-year memberships

Transaction Fees:

  • $11.99 per transaction
    • Up to 4 Signers
    • Includes First Notary Stamp
    • No Extra KBA Fees
    • No Extra Storage Fees
    • Up to 10mb documents (apx 500 pages each)
  • $1.00 per stamp fee
    • For Stamps # 2 & Up
  • $5.00 per Witness
    • Add a Notary for your client as a witness for $5.00 each.
  • $3.00 Extra Signer Fee
    • For Signers #5 – #10
      • YES! Up to 10 can sign!
      • $3.00 per signer who must do ID Verification
    • If the signers are bypassed for legal reasons, no extra fees apply.
  • Free 10 Years of Storage
    • Even if you leave the platform
How Do I Get Paid?

Within your Notary Profile area of the platform you control your payouts.

Each week it will automatically direct deposit on Monday.

Everyday you can request your funds for transfer daily.

No service fees apply to either request.

Daily requests do not need to be approved by Cyberizeit Admin Staff.

My State Says Zoom is Not Legal!!???

They are correct – “JUST” using zoom to perform a notarization is not legal!

Every Online Notarization Must have:

  1. Id Verification by two sources, we offer two based on your state laws:
    1. Knowledge based authentication and ID Credential Analysis
    2. ID Credential Analysis and Biometric Facial comparison.
  2. Live Audio-Visual Session, recorded
    1. The screen share should not be recorded.
  3. x.509 Compliant Digital Certificate Signatures
  4. Tamper Evident Document Encryption

Zoom can be used for the live audio-visual session if all aspects of the RON are completed.

Do You (the platform) Supply Clients?

We are a hybrid model, so it is possible that you will obtain clients. However, it is not promised. You should have your own clients before signing up to ensure an income stream with RON.

Is There Training? Required Onboarding?

Yes, we have required training before you can setup your Notary Profile.

You will learn details about:

  • All aspects of ID validation
  • How to Tag Documents
  • How to fix incorrect Tags
  • How to save the transaction when something goes wrong
  • All aspects of the platform!
  • Marketing ideas & tips
  • and more!
Am I Committed To A Long Term Contract?

No! You can cancel at any time. 

However, if you pay for a year and cancel after 3 months you will not be refunded for the remainder of the year. Your subscription will just continue until the time has expired. 

How Much do I (the Notary) Get Paid?

When we process the payment for the notarization with the client, our system pays out:

  • $25.00 for first stamp
  • $9.00 for each additional
  • $5.00 for serving as a witness
Do the Signers Have To Have An SSN?


Do the Signers Have To Have A USA Cellphone Number?


Can Non-US Citizens Use This Platform?

Yes, if they can validate through the appropriate ID verifications which are legal for you.