Remote Ink Notarization

Sometimes the clients cannot have electronic signatures, when this happens these notaries can help you out!

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About RIN

The Client’s Process

The Notary Certificate Must Be an Acknowledgement,
this cannot be currently done on our platform if it is a Jurat

  1. The Client will Sign all of the documents.
  2. The Client will Ship all of the documents ot the Notary, including a return shipping label.
  3. The Notary will setup the online session.
  4. 15 Minutes prior to the appointment the Client will obtain a link to do KBA Questions.
  5. Then the Client will Upload their ID.
  6. Finally the Client will Meet with the Notary in Zoom.
  7. The Notary will confirm that the Client is the person who Signed the documents on the previous Date.
  8. The Notary will notarize the documents.
  9. The Notary will Ship the documents to where the Client has provided a label for.

The fee for this, if used through our system, is the same as if they were being electronically signed.




Jason Mickelson

State of Montana


Dennis Reno

State of Montana

Kristi Strouf

State of Montana


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