Philly Social 2023

September 29 – October 1, 2023

Please complete the intake form below:

The Welcome Reception Information:

This will take place in the Lobby of the DoubleTree Hotel on Friday, September 29, 2023 from 6 pm to 8 pm.

If you arrive later and would like to connect with the group, check the app to find our location.

Prior to your arrival it is recommended to download the app "CyberizeIt" from your app store.

Saturday Afternoon Free Time Group Lead Events

From 3pm until 7pm you will have time on your own. If you would like to connect with a small group to sightsee local tourist attractions, please select below.

Mid-August we will send the contact information for those who also want to attend the same activity during this time.

Saturday Evening Suggestions


Del Frisco (All American)
Misconduct (Bar & Grill)
Good Dog (Bar & Grill - Best burgers in town)
Rouge (Rittenhouse Square - Pricey, but the local hang out)
Locust Rendevous (Bar & Grill)
Chris' Jazz Cafe (Bar & Great Jazz)
McGillans (Bar & Grill, historic)

*Addresses will be listed in the CyberizeIt App, all of these venues are within a two block radius of the hotel*

Closing Party a/k/a Bill's Birthday Bash

On Sunday beginning at 4pm we will be hosting a closing party as well as a birthday party for our friend and keynote speaker, Bill Soroka!

If you are planning to leave on Sunday after this event, be sure to check out of the hotel room and leave your bags with the hotel reception staff, so that you will be able to enjoy a stress free day with us!

Notary Feud Questions!

On Sunday we will have a Notary Feud game during the event. To obtain the answers for the "survey says" aspects, we need your input (but if you don't want you can can opt out).

There will be two teams, LIN & CyberizeIt. Team members will be selected by the numbers on the back of your button, which you will recieve in the welcome bag.

Please limit your answers to one item, with no more than 3 words if possible. (short and sweet please)