Advanced Adobe Class Replays




Access to both replays from previous classes! Each class sold for $125, making this a total value of $250! – All for just $49.99

Just about 12 hours of training for just an average of $4.17 per hour!

Enhanced Adobe Lesson 1 – (2 classes apx 2.5 hrs in total)

Review of how to Request Signatures
Review of Tagging a document

Enhanced Adobe Lesson 2 –

(2 classes apx 2.5 hrs in total)

Templates and Pre-Tagging a Document for a Session

Enhanced Adobe Lesson 3 –

(2 classes apx 2.5 hrs in total)

Correcting an error:
Modification & Starting a New Transaction

Enhanced Adobe Lesson 4 –

(2 classes apx 2.5 hrs in total)

Email Routing – Adding a group, editing emails, Adding alternate emails
Changing the language of the instructions
Adding/removing files within the session (Initially & correcting the files when in the session)

Enhanced Adobe Lesson 5 –

(2 classes apx 2.5 hrs in total)

A complete review of Digital Certificates
How to Create yours
How to Sign with it
What they do
How to Trust your Certificate
Understanding how to “open” the file once completed

In addition, we added some extras!

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