LIN & Cyberize It are creating a Notary Cookbook!

Notaries are more than just a stamp; we have talents too! Many of us have skills that range from easy kid friendly meals, to elaborate nice dinners! Let’s showcase these talents into a single book!

Here is what we are doing – the first two (2) Notaries from each state will be able to submit three (3) recipes for this book.

The book will have 300 total recipes, as well as a listing for each of the notaries in a state specific directory.

Our goal is to target a new audience and bring in new business contacts for each of you who choose to submit!

Our clients who purchase will have an index for the food, as well as an index for Notaries in a State Level Aspect.

There will also be a special mention if the Notary specializes in RON or Apostille Services!

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1st Recipe

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2nd Recipe

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3rd Recipe

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