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Virtual Notarization for Multiple Clients, Everyday!

Streamline your notarizations, no matter which type of Notary you need! KBA Questions - or - Biometric Verification; Ink Signed - or - Electronically Signed! Connect with the Notaries that can do it all for you!

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We go beyond Notarization | Customize your Client's Experience!

Virtual Notarization opens doors, but also can be very technology challenging to clients!

We eliminate the stress!

Why use Cyberize It?

... Simply the best, we are better than all the rest - here's why: ...

We ensure that every notarization is completed; as long as the client is really who they are and legally able to sign!

Our Notaries are trained to assist; no matter how limited the client is with technology!

We work with you for Ink or Electronic Signatures affixed remotely on the document(s)!

Notaries can obtain 24/7 support from the platform; no matter how small the issue is!

Our Notaries understand the laws in every state, and will go above and beyond to ensure your client has the best experience possible!

Technology Friendly Programs

Our platform is "tech" friendly, for clients of all ages and skill levels!

No Profile Required

Your client will not have to create a custom profile on our site. This means we do not collect; nor do we market to them after the notarization is complete! Your client is safe from spam!

Zoom with the Notary

With the onset of Covid, everyone has had the opportunity to use Zoom. Now connect to the Notary with the same ease as you connect to your office meetings! From your phone, pc or mac!

International ID's Accepted

As long as you have a valid, government issued identification card, and you are over the age of 18 - you can validate within our system!

Instant Access!

Once completed, you will have instant access to the Signed Document(s), the Audio-Visual Recording, and the Audit Report!

That's Not All... There's More

If you thought that we're done, then you're in for a surprise because we have got more in store for you

More than English!

Notaries are online now that speak other languages to make your signing easy, compliant, and stress free!

Traveling, or not in the USA?

No Problem! You do not need to physically be located within the USA to perform a Virtual Notarization with us!

Accepted in all 50 States, and most Countries!

While each agency must determine if they will accept electronic signatures, the legal notarization is accepted in all 50 states!

Our Notaries are Solution Providers!

Every state law is different, so different Notaries can do different things. This means when you contact us with a specific need, we have a team to help connect you to the right Notary for the Job!

Pick a Plan That Suits Your Need

Pay Per Notarization

No Initial Investment Required!

Most Loved!

RON Training Access

Education Helps You Sell It!

We Give You Our Word

If you have a negative experience with one of our Notaries, contact us and we will make it right!

Here Is What People Who Use Cyberize It Have To Say

Connecting Clients to Solutions, all day - everyday!


Fast, friendly and very helpful. I was particularly impressed with her patience and good humor as she had to walk us through it. We’re not tech savvy at all, however, she made it seamless and quick. I would highly recommend and will definitely use this service again for all my notary needs.

Marsha T.


Great experience from start to finish. Very easy and convenient service, being done virtually. The electronic notary is just what our times in the world has no doubt a demand for. They are doing an exceptional job at it if I may say so myself. Thank you for your assistance. I’m very grateful.

Curtis B.


Fast response, needed a notary in the evening and she was available with witnesses. Will definitely use from now on for any other needs. Highly recommend

Jen S.

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