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Imagine - flexibility, security, and support all in one!

The best part is you don't have to imagine any longer! Join us today; and start serving your customers virtually!

A Platform is a Foundation | Trust us to give you the tools!

When Amy created this platform; she never thought it would be as rewarding as it has proven to be! Assisting other Notaries grow and expand their online business; has been nothing more than amazing.

Check out the features of the

Cyberize It Platform here:

What makes us different than the rest?

... Built by a Notary, Enhanced to Fulfill your Every Wish ...

Live 24/7 Technical Support. While in a session you can trust our support is just a text away!

Marketing Tools. We have thousands of pre-made designs so that you can custom your own ads to enhance your business!

Multiple live support meetings with the creator and owner of CyberizeIt! Amy doesn't just preach - she practices what she preaches, and she is here to help you with your journey!

Full Onboarding Process and Training! We guide you on your state requirements, as well as others! Create a solution for your client with us!

Download and store your e-journal and videos without any extra hassle!

Don't Just Notarize It,
Cyberize It!

A platform that stands behind its features!

MISMO Certified

MISMO enables the real estate finance industry to innovate and prosper by collaborating to create essential standards and best practices that solve key business challenges.

Our mission is to develop essential standards through key stakeholder collaboration to improve efficiency, reduce cost and improve the mortgage experience for all parties involved in a real estate transaction.

MISMO standards are helping to accelerate a fully digital mortgage process, end to end, and are playing a significant role in helping the industry scale digital solutions.

Ability to Pivot

State laws vary, and your client may need a validation which you cannot do. We offer the ability to work with the other notaries on our platform to create a solution for your client - the first time!

If your customer isn't happy, you won't keep them long - let us help you keep that long term client relationship!

Don't leave the Client Stranded!

Our unique system allows you to transfer a client that is not eligible for Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA) Questions to a Notary who can perform Biometric Verification. A seamless transfer from the Client Side and awards you the ability to be a Solution Provider (a hero) to them when they need it most!

24/7 Live Technical Support

Picture this, it is 1 am and your client is having a small issue connecting on the site. You are trying your best, but you have run out of ideas to help them. Simply shoot us a text, and we will reply with details or an idea that will keep them moving in the process!

Our technical support team is made up of Notaries and is all 100% based in the USA!

Need Specific Details about the Technology
used with Cyberize It for your state?

    View a demo of the platform here:

    The all-in-one software package, working with you to create a positive client experience with new technology!

    That's Not All... There's More

    If you thought that we're done, then you're in for a surprise because we have got more in store for you

    Restart at No Extra Charge!

    Title has last minute documents? No problem! While in session you can add, remove, or replace files for the client to sign! Without starting over and paying another platform fee!

    Marketing Support!

    Venturing into a new niche is risky and coming up with a new way to market is hard! We help with this burden! Offering hundreds of FREE marketing templates, and classes on how to use everyday solutions to their full advantage!

    Comprehensive Training!

    Our training does not stop with the functions of our platform, we educate you on so much more! Understand how you can be the hero to your client, offering software skills, and outside of the box legal solutions!

    Obtain some extra Cash!

    You should have your own client base for steady income; however, you could also get some work from us! Notarization and Witness requests do appear on our Job Board and are available for you to claim if you would like to! -- At NO Extra Charge!

    Pick a Payment Plan That Suits Your Needs

    They all offer the same level of service; however, work around your budget!

    Monthly Plan

    All plans have the same access, just different payment options!

    Most Loved!

    4 Years of Access

    All plans have the same access, just different payment options!

    Annual Plan

    All plans have the same access, just different payment options!

    Here Is What People Who Use CyberizeIt have to say:

    Loved by Title, Clients & Notaries throughout the USA & World!


    Amazing service, easy to work with. Will use for all of our RON needs!

    Salomon Bendayan


    Many reasons I love using Cyberize It. I favor being able to have my own solutions if a problem arises or something needs to be fixed within the signing. The customer service is phenomenal as a seasoned loan signing agent, Amy, created the platform and made it affordable. She’s extremely innovative, patient and knowledgeable. I appreciate it stores the videos, and I can use Biometrics, if KBA fails. I can pivot around any situation that arises with the help of support as needed. I can apply as many seals as needed on a page and control what/how I bill. Works great for Remote Notarizations aka RiN, too. Training is articulated well and continually upgrading. Something that has been of great use recently, title sending over an updated HUD statement and being able to add it while in session. Winning!

    Kristi Lee Barnett


    I am proud to be associated with CyberizeIt! It is light years beyond any platform that I have used or researched. I had been with a “D”ifferent platform but was frustrated by the difficulty of use, the severe limitations and the expense. I researched over 10 different platforms before deciding on CyberizeIt. CyberizeIt offers something as simple as live and responsive customer service, unlike most platforms that only offer offshore email customer service and are only available 9 to 5, Monday thru Friday. When you are in a session and a glitch occurs in the signing, someone is there to help you. CyberizeIt offers Biometrics for use by the Notaries in the States where it is approved! No more crazy, hard to answer questions! I am a RON and Signing Agent in FL and as a result, because of this platform, I have performed notarizations for people in Argentina, Spain, China, Estonia, Italy, England, Saudi Arabia (and even more Countries) using their foreign ID’s. Biometrics analyzes their ID’s and makes a decision as to the veracity of their identity. At CyberizeIt, we work as a team. What is legal in FL, may not be possible in another State. When one notary cannot notarize a specific document, we look to find a solution for the client: Finding a notary that can perform the notarization.

    Juli Barish

    Currently onboarding in 33 States!

    We are the largest hybrid platform, onboarding in most states which have permanent RON Laws. See if your state is on the list!

    Frequently Asked Questions


    Does the subscription to Cyberize It include an Independently Validated Digital Certificate?


    No, if you are required to have this (and not all states are) then you will need to purchase this. If you have a standard pc/mac or laptop then you can use the one from the NNA or Identrust. If you have a Chromebook or other Streaming laptop which does not allow for the installation of Adobe Acrobat (free) software, you will want to purchase one from Intesi Group. It is a cloud based certificate.


    Does Cyberize It Supply Clients and/or Leads?


    Cyberize It is a hybrid platform which means it is possible for you to obtain work from us; however, we do not promise or guarantee that you will. You should have your own client base to ensure a good return on your investment.


    Can I onboard as an Independent Notary to this platform?


    Yes, as long as you are commissioned in a state which we are currently onboarding in. 


    What happens if I want to cancel or put my account on hold?


    Simply go to your subscription management area and cancel your account. We will remove your access at the end of your paid subscription. When you are ready to return, simply re-subscribe and send us an email to turn your account back on.

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