Welcome to the Team!

Please read this page! It has very important information on onboarding!


Complete your Onboarding

We have very detailing training and onboarding. Please take time to go through all aspects of this! Our platform allows you to be flexible with the software, and you need to know what your state requires!

Digital Certificate

If your state requires this, you MUST setup your signature! Follow the instructions in the third lesson to complete this process!

Notary Profile

In the second lesson of your onboarding, you will create your Notary profile. Please do this before continuing!

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Electronic Signatures

Cyberize It, LLC uses technology and Electronic Signatures to perform the Notarizations. Electronic signatures have been recognized in most businesses and countries around the world, but the legality does vary. Before conducting business electronically, you should ensure that the business regulations or country’s laws allow you to use eSignature software.

Click here to see about Adobe’s Electronic Signature.