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Notarize Profile Login

Login to Start, or be available for a Notarization or Witness request! You can also save the quick link to access the login area!

If you are a new Notary, do not create a Notary Profile on this page. You will do that when you complete your onboarding. 

Access Adobe Cloud

Use this area to Create Templates, Send Test Documents & Manage during the Notarization Session.

Your Login for this is at – under your My Profile Area.

Pre-Tag/Create a Template

Have a notarization coming up? Already have the document(s)? If so, setup a template so you don’t have to tag it during the zoom session!

You MUST use the Adobe Login provided by Cyberizeit to create a template!

Platform Training

Updated for 2022 New Features! Check out all of the new offerings and keep up-to-date!




Purchase Training

We are working to bring valuable education, and offering Continuing Education Credit (CEC) for some States. Check out what we have and see if it will work for your Notary Commission Requirements, or help you Build Your Business!

Purchase Notary Supplies

Everyday Notaries ask me what they need to make it as a RON. Because of this, I created an online store. I’ll add items that I found to be helpful (including my headbands).

Want to earn $ for promoting?

Everyone that registers has a free Affiliate profile, when you use your custom link within this area you earn 10% when someone purchases a Notary Subscription or Notary Training Class. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We are compiling the most asked questions, don’t see yours? Email it to us today!

Site Won't Load - Just keeps spinning

If this happens just clear your cookies, logout and login again. It should correct the problem.
We are updating the site for the next deployment and old “cookies” can get hung up when we do this. 

I can't enter my clients name?

With our system you must register the client using your custom URL before you can start a notarization with them. 
1. Go to your Notary Profile at
2. Select the
3. Copy and paste this link in a new browser (not one you are already logged into)
4. Enter your Clients Details
5. Create a Temp Password for them

Now go back to your Notary profile and hit the Big Blue C – you should see them under my clients now.

Start a Notarization - By Notary

From your Dashboard (
1. Click New Notarization
2. Select your clients email 
3. Select Notary CC (if applicable)
4. Upload their file(s)
5. Select the Type of File being notarized
6. Enter Signers Information
      * Name (First/Last)
      * USA Address (what is on their ID is best)
      * Last 4 of SSN is Not Required! Leave blank if nothing to enter. Do not enter 0000
      * Enter their Date of Birth
      *If bypassing KBA, enter a reason
7. Add any extra witnesses needed, if applicable.
8. Hit Continue
9. Pick from
      * Save it (for you for later)
      * Send to Client (for them to pay the fees)
      * Prepay (for you to pay the transaction fees)
10. If Prepay
      *2 pop up windows
11. Pick from:
      *Send to Client – for them to schedule with you
      *Schedule it – you book it and it will notify the client

      *Notarize it – do it right now with the client.     


Contact Tech Support

If you have an urgent matter, a client is on the line or about to do a notarization – call us at (614) 741-5515

If you just need a simple yes/no or where do I find answer text us at (614) 741-5515.

Tech Support hours of operation:

General Questions – Non-Urgent Issues
Monday – Friday 8 am Eastern – 8 pm Eastern

Urgent Issues – Notarization is in progress
24/7 via text
If a call or zoom is required, it will be sent as a reply.

Non Urgent Text Messages recieved after 8pm est, will be responded to upon opening the following day.

Email Tech Support

If your question is general and non urgent, please send it to us via email. Our email address is, or use this form below.