How did we get started?

From a simple need, to a Nationwide Solution!

Amy Seitz, CEO has been a notary for over 20 years. In 2020 she obtained her Loan Signing Certification from the NNA and decided to try her hand with a side hustle of performing Loan Signing Work. The hype was all about how Notaries could make big bucks at this time. Amy geared up, purchased a nice printer, setup all the signing service profiles, and got her first few assignments. After six (yes only six) in person sessions, she decided that this was just not for her!

That is when Amy decided to change the path! Instead of being upset and frustrated that she has spent all this money on a lost cause, she used the power of pivot to transition her efforts into an online business. January 1, 2021, Amy performed her first Online Notarization with her best friend, Erin. At this point Amy was addicted!

One thing everyone needs to know, once Amy finds something she is passionate about – nothing will stop her! Amy went full force into advertising for her new Online Notarization abilities.

The original name for the company was Cyberdocs Online Notarization System. Within seven weeks Amy was able to really start to see a good profit within this business plan. However, she felt the return on investment should have been higher.

As Notaries embark on this type of business plan the unmentioned costs are not clearly defined. Amy was spending hours working with clients fixing technical issues; like turn on the camera, resolving microphone feedback for those that were in the same room, document formatting issues, dealing with replacement documents after she had already paid the platform and was not able to replace the files. All of these “hidden” expenses meant that she was not seeing her full profitability.

After doing a search of the available platforms (at that time) Amy decided the only way to fix this problem, was to create a new solution! Cyberize It, LLC was officially formed on March 26, 2021, and opened the doors for notaries in many states on July 1, 2021! Currently Cyberize It, LLC is onboarding in 33 states and one US Territory.

Cyberize It, LLC has worked hard to be the best solution in the Nation for everyone! Contact us today to see if we can create a solution to your dilemma! 

Mission Statement

To support, advise, and inspire notaries throughout the Nation to create a solid foundation for the Virtual Notary Career through innovation and collaboration amongst our entire enterprise. 

Vision Statement

To be the respected legal resouce for Notaries, Title Agencies, Signing Services, and Clients to obtain a legally performed Remote Notarization.

I do not get paid by the hour. I get paid for the value I bring to the hour.

 Kimberlee Gee 

We do not want to just define issues; we want to help create solutions.

Klaus Schawb

Do not dwell on adversity find solutions instead. Stay Inspired.

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