The Integrity Notary Journal


The Integrity Notary Journal is the perfect journal for multiple document signings – loan closings, estate planning, and general notary work.

✅ COMPREHENSIVE LIST OF DOCUMENTS – The journal’s comprehensive set of common documents (more than any other journal) and notarial acts eliminates the hassle and tedium of listing multiple documents in separate entries. When needed, space is available to enter less common documents.

✅ SEE INSIDE THIS INNOVATIVE JOURNAL – Please watch the videos in the Amazon Product Details section below to see inside the journal or use the “Look Inside” feature. (The “Look Inside” feature is not available on a mobile device.) It has a total of 480 entries / 120 signings, includes sample oaths and illustrated instructions.

✅ TIME SAVING LAYOUT THAT KEEPS INFORMATION PRIVATE – The unique single-signing-view simplifies the process using an efficient ergonomic layout that’s been designed and tested in the field—a fresh take on the classic journal most people use. It ensures client information remains private.

✅ REMOVE GUESSWORK AND INSPIRE CONFIDENCE – This elegant journal combines the simplicity and practicality you’ll need to streamline your work. It comes with prompts for the willingness/competence of signers, oath verification, notarization format, and many more.

Check out what your peers are saying about the Integrity Notary Journal:
▸ “The best journal created for both loan signings and general notary work.” Dominique, FL
▸ “Easy to use, timesaver, thorough — reminds me during signings not to miss anything.” Kandee, AZ
▸ “Discreet and comprehensive. It doesn’t allow borrowers to view other signings with their peripheral.” Martha, NY & CT
▸ “This journal helps set a high level of professionalism and confidence in a signing!” Mike, AZ
▸ “Game changer.” Sharyn, GA

Here are more reasons to choose the Integrity Notary Journal:
▸ Space to record signing details—signing location, others in attendance, client/lender information
▸ A large notes section
▸ Soft-touch paperback cover that repels moisture
▸ Consecutively numbered pages
▸ Size 8½” X 11”

Make every notary appointment organized and effortless. Add Integrity Notary Journal to your cart TODAY!