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Finding a local Notary used to be stressful, frustrating, and expensive! Now you can connect to a Notary anytime right from your Smart Phone!







how it works

Have a Document Notarized

Virtual Notarization makes this process simplier and safer than it ever used to be! Connect with a Notary from your phone, tablet or pc from Anywhere at Anytime!

Verification of your Identity

As we all know the purpose of meeting with a Notary is to validate that you are really you! This process is not forgotten with a Virtual Notarization. You will validate by at least two methods.

  • You may have to answer five questions about your life. Such as “Where have you lived”, “What Color is your Car”, “Who do you know”, or “Where were you born”?
  • You may have to take a “selfie” image to validate your ID through a means of Facial Recognition (or Biometric Verification).
  • You will need to upload your ID, make sure to get a good photo and that it hasn’t expired!
Meet virtually with the notary

After you have validated your ID, and everyone knows that you are really you! A link will be sent to join the Notary in the Live Audio-Visual Session. Keep your ID handy, you will need it during this stage!

The Notary will have a speech which they must state and will do all the normal things a Notary does in person. This means, we need to make sure you are familiar with what you are signing, that you are signing the document(s) freely and not being pressured to do so, as well as the Notary may need to put you under oath (or affirmation) that the contents of the document are true. 

Keep in mind that while in this session your Video and Microphone must remain on. The Notary must be able to see and hear you the entire time.


sign the document(s)

Depending on how you need the documents signed, you may be using an ink pen or and electronic signature to do this. Most of the time you will use an electronic signature.

This means that the Notary will prepare the file you uploaded so that you can complete any needed fields and affix this electronic signature during the session.

The Notary also has an electronic signature and an electronic Notary Seal which they will affix on the document(s).

When completed, the file is available for instant download. You can email, upload, or print this file to be used wherever you need it to!

Are you a Notary? Then join us!

Our software system can empower you to perform online notarizations as well! As a small women owned business Cyberize It, LLC outshines the rest. Every aspect of the software was designed by an Online Notary, and we have continuous improvements rolling out!

Your own clients/employer transactions

Our system allows for you to easily process notarizations for your employer. At a very affordable per transaction fee. 

You should work out the payment arrangement for this transaction fee with your employer, a credit card will be needed to process the payment at the time of the notarization.

Create your own side hustle!

Looking to make a little bit of extra cash? You could accept notarizations or requests for witnesses from our job board and earn money from home!

Personally Know the Signers?

Do you personally know the people signing? If so, we offer the ability to bypass the need for the ID Proofing process!

International Signers? (non-USA citizens)

Non-USA Citizens can have issues validating their ID online. Our systems will allow for alternative verification in the States that permit this by law; or you can transfer the notarization to a Notary who is permitted to use this alternative verification process to make this as effortless as possible for your signer!

is virtual notarization safe?

Encrypted File

Once all parties have signed, the document is locked. This means that no one, ever, can change the document which was signed.

Electronic Signatures

With this soft file, anyone can validate that the signature was placed on that date and time. 

Visual inspection

The act of notarization still requires a human! A live, interactive Notary must communicate with the signers before the document is notarized.

Out of State Notaries

Using a Virtual Notary means that you can connect to any legally commissioned Online Notary, no matter where you are currently standing! Even if you are on the moon!

public records

Every session is recorded (both audio and video) and maintained as part of the Public Record Law. The retention for these video files ranges from 5 to 12 years depending on the State Law of the Notary who performed the notarzation.

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National Notary Association

Remote Notarization: What You Need To Know

Looking for more information about this process? Read what the NNA published about Remote Notarizations!

About Me

Hello! I’m Amy. I’ve been a Notary for over 20 years!

I always used my Notary Commission to perform notarizations for my employer. In 2019 my State, Ohio, passed Remote Online Laws. However, I didn’t jump on the bandwagon right away. In June of 2020 I obtained this certification, and even then didn’t start performing them until January 1, 2021. And guess what!?! I fell in love with it! 

After a few weeks I discovered that I needed a better software. That is when Cyberize It, LLC was born! We opened offically July 1, 2021 and we are a 100% Women Owned Business!

  • Notary Commission
  • Notary Signing Agent Certification
  • Remote Online Notary Commission

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we have notaries online to assist you 24/7!
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